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Love Thy Neighbour

Posted: October 20, 2011 in Uncategorized

Welcome, welcome, please take off your shoes and tip-toe gently through the foyer of my mind. No, you cannot go back and put on your shoes, don’t be so rude! Regardless of how much difficulty you may have in navigating the shards of glass, heavy duty nails and river of lava that flows through my sub-consciousness. In Africa we respect our host when we pay them a visit at their home.

This rather neatly brings into sharper focus matters that transpired over the Independence weekend. Our dear neighbours Kenya, took time out from their heavy schedule of pick-pocketing and armed robbery, to play against us in a friendly game of football. According to the script, they were to arrive at Namboole, remove their shoes and promptly lay down and swallow an 8-2 massacre. I am led to understand that these dwellers of Nairobbery are mostly Arsenal fans so this experience would not be foreign to them.

Rather rudely however, the Kenyans brought with them bad manners from across the border and refused to accept what was written in destiny! They actually defended their goal against our attacks, made tackles to win possession in midfield and even took one or two shots at our goal! The nerve of these Neanderthals! The result was that the match ended goalless and the Kenyans stole our best opportunity to qualify for African Cup of Nations in over 3 decades!

Okay, I must admit that I kind of admire the Kenyans for finally taking the initiative to export one of their main skills, namely, thievery. Similarly, we also attempted to export corruption to the United States through our former Mayor Seya, several years ago. However, we at least had the good grace to take our bad manners to another continent entirely! When interacting with your closest neighbours, such behaviour is truly despicable and uncalled for. Kenya, we hope you are ashamed of yourself.