Boos For Booze Blues

Posted: June 8, 2012 in Uncategorized

Being somehow involved in the entertainment industry carries a side-effect of regularly finding yourself at events and nightspots. Some people I know are like Dracula and literally live for the night life. Me, not so much. This often entails the usual perks such as complimentary VIP tickets, exemption from the virginity depriving sexual assault that is the security frisk and access to booze. Lots of booze.

Slow dance outside the club…

So I find myself in the awkward situation where some flammable fluid is filled in a glass in front of me. I politely decline, hoping that will be the end of that. But I am then presented with a range of other intoxicating options, “Pick your poison” is the challenge. Leaving me wondering where the alternative is for those of us wishing to remain healthy. I found it and asked for water.

“As a chaser? What are you having it with?” I enlighten my inquisitor that some mammals have been known to consume mere water as a satisfactory method of thirst alleviating sustenance.

“What?! Noooo! You have to have a real drink! You have to have fun!” But I’ve never tasted alcohol my whole life. Is it possible that all this time I have never experienced fun?

“But how can you enjoy yourself just drinking water? Kale you’re not serious. Is it because of religion? Nga I’ve seen some Muslims drinking! Why don’t you?” Erm, because I’m not them?

And this type of exchange goes on back and forth and my oppressors are never fully satisfied. Suddenly I am eyed with suspicion and conversations become awkward. This occurs probably every other week causing me to wonder why on earth are people so offended by the existence of teetotallers? Somehow we are perceived as pariahs of the party scene! I understand that Uganda is ranked No.1 by the World Health Organisation in alcohol consumption per capita, but that should not mean that those not contributing to these statistics should be bullied into conformity. What happened to live and let live? Sometimes it feels like those who choose to stay sober are persecuted for their lifestyle choice even more than homosexuals!

  1. kachuchuli says:

    hahahhahahaa there’s a theory but your last few posts are so angry i wouldn’t dare….!

  2. Ke'Mo says:

    so true

  3. ssmusoke says:

    Well the strange thing is those who seem to shun you for not partaking of the bitter, actually envy you because you can enjoy the night life without being inebriated … As a current teetotaler I get the same stares and looks, but what the heck, they are stuck with me the way I am. They could leave … but I am great company

  4. rashydah says:

    Mehn!!!! i’ve been a victim of that so many times. i wonder why some people just can’t let us be! smh…. nice piece by the way!

  5. MaqArnold says:

    The sky i blu/ so the weather so frisky/
    Am perplexed when play hard 2get from Country whisky/

  6. MaqArnold says:

    the sky is blu/so the weather so frisky/am perplexed when “the mask” plays hard to get from whisky/risky….. Haha

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