Hits That Are Sh**

Posted: June 8, 2012 in Hip-Hop

Sometimes I hate the music industry. Even hip-hop nowadays. Turn on the radio or TV and you’ll find there’s something in common with the big hits that are dominating the airwaves. They’re obsessed with sexing bitches, selling drugs, getting high, wasteful spending, shooting guns and worst of all, fashion. Rearrange the letters that form ‘hits’ and you’ll know what I think about that. Emperor Obama in a recent interview said that he is in love with the art of hip-hop, although he does not always agree with the messages in hip-hop. I find this is one of the few occasions I agree with the imperialist.


Hip-hop music is a beautiful artform. A level of poetic expression, the brilliance of which is not matched by any other genre of music. But how wasteful can we be if we spend all our time rapping about Red Bottom heels? Or how much money you spend in the club? Or how much weed you smoke? Okay, for the sake of art, perhaps you want to do a couple of tracks like that to get them off your chest. But how can your entire catalogue be about f***ing bitches, like Texan rapper Too $hort?

What concerns me though is that the trend is slowly creeping into Uganda. I get a lot of young aspiring MCs hitting me up and asking my advice on the lyrics they’ve written. A lot of the time, they are writing about some of the nonsense I’ve mentioned above. And who can blame these young impressionable minds when this is all that is played on TV and radio? Of course they will assume that you have to be exactly like Young Money if you want to be successful.

Over masturbation can cause semen to glue your fingers into weird positions.

I’m not suggesting that every rapper should turn into a conscious revolutionary struggle type MC like K’naan. I’m not an MC known for making predominantly conscious tracks either. But please let us have a little more diversity in the tracks we make, there are so many subjects under the sun. But more importantly, let us have a lot less negative messages influencing the minds of young talented up and coming MCs and their listeners.

  1. Ke'Mo says:

    well said

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