Photo Gallery

Jona Kagimba drawing me in different guises…

The Three Faces of Enygma

Jona Kagimba capturing me as a Superhero.

Super Lyrical

Jona Kagimba doing his thing again.

My writing hand generating punchlines...

Taken at The Face Studio.

I never front.

With Navio, The Mith and JB.

At Mith's Album Release Party May 6th 2011

Keep checking back, more to be added soon…

  1. Shmx says:

    Honestly!! I lyk wat u do big up

  2. Tracie black says:

    *whistle* i like…….would luv to hav all u 4 boys to myself!!!

  3. emma david king says:

    ye ssebo!

  4. emma david king says:

    u truly the bestest

  5. fifi says:

    Good things only!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  6. salwah ahmad says:

    i luv luv luv 😉

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